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 On DW: my downloads tag


Winter Wonderland (AM sweaters on Aikea_Guinea's sweater mesh)

Cold Outside, Warm And Fuzzy, & Snowpocalypse (TM and CM sweaters on Club Crimsyn meshes) post lost in server issues, can be downloaded  at SFS here (Warm and Fuzzy), here (Cold Outside), and here (Snowpocalypse)

FT Athletic Edit (mashup of two FT/AL athleticwear outfits for AF) post lost in server issues, can be downloaded at SFS here

On Plumbbob Keep:

The Fires Burn At Midnight & Medieval Underdresses (Medieval separates for AF)

From now on (10/31/2015), you can find all my downloads linked here on Pinterest.

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Elegant & Celestial Robes on tumblr!

I'm still working on crossposting stuff, but I just posted more robes on tumblr, so-

You can grab these from the tumblr post here.

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It's occurred to me that probably there are some simmers who a) don't go on tumblr, and b) might want my CC but not know about it because tumblr. So I'm gonna do a couple posts of CC I've posted on tumblr, separated by theme, and then maybe a post of things I've put up elsewhere lately so it's all in one place.

This post is all the stuff I've done for my Wizarding World/Harry Potter game, most of which could also be useful for medieval simmers or... anyone who likes robes.

Hogwarts Robes details & downloadCollapse )

Plain Robes in various Aelia colorsCollapse )

Lockhart RobesCollapse )

Various ScarvesCollapse )
Okay, I have no idea if I got everything in here properly, but I'm going out the door in like two seconds, so. Let me know if I missed anything, or whatever.
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TF medieval separates

TF Medieval Separates, using both halves of Dicreasy's edit of Iamliz13's TF Medieval alpha dress. Top uses textures from Hat's recolors of Zoej's chemise in Time Bomb while the bottom(/dress) uses Serena_Moonstone's Lady of the Realm in Ruby. Both have fat and preg morphs.


AF version is here (sort of), with more textures.

More coming soon- Androgyny and Rengal, probably, CF if I can manage to get workable textures for it (I have not looked, yet, at what textures are available for CF... or indeed if there is a CF version of the mesh, though I'm pretty sure there is). I am not entirely certain- aside from making sure there weren't glaring gaps- that either of these will play well with other separates. They were made to work together- however, I can say that the bottom didn't look too terrible over the few EAxis tops I tested it with when looking for gaps (at least, it looked no worse than any other bottom-only dress does, as far as I can tell).
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Very important! I screwed up those skins.

On my skins here, you'll need to download the A34/34 meshes found here if you don't want your elder females with the skin to have missing bodies. I'm working on fixing the skins so EF will use the Athletic Queen meshes, but I haven't got them ready yet. When I do, you can just redownload them, but for now this is the best I can do.
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Okay, so, these are showerproof skins using the Lean Bodybuilder and Teen LBB (credit for meshes to SynapticSim and Kielen) and the Athletic Queen and Athletic Princess (Athletic Girl edits by Pierre NC on Backalleysims). They have sexyfeet, and the AF and TF have fat and preg morphs, I'm not sure if the males have either as I didn't edit the meshes at all myself. EF should be maxis default, I suspect EM is as well. ETA: due to a slight error on my part, elder was NOT default and EF specifically required other meshes. This has been fixed, but only on the townified version. Custom version has been taken down, sorry. EF now uses Athletic Queen, EM should be LBB.

Textures are Pooklet's My Poor Lover skins.

Meshes are included.

Cut for naked simsCollapse ) This entry was originally posted at http://silvainshadows.dreamwidth.org/12309.html.
Things I do not enjoy about aspects of Sims creation that require SimPE work- the way my eyes start to cross when I've been at it too long and all the numbers look the same. Things I do enjoy about SimPE- the knowledge that I can actually make things do stuff if there's a tutorial, especially if it just comes down to replacing things somehow, or poking at numbers that I know what they're supposed to do.

Also, is there any interest in an LBB/TeenLBB/Athletic Girl showerproof skin? And, um, if I were to use someone else's textures, would I need to edit them any to match up with anything, or is the mapping usually close enough for those meshes? And is there a- wait, no, I can google that, but I'll ask anyway- is there a Teen AG and/or a sexyfeet version of the AG nude bottom*? If not...IDK, I'll poke things, maybe make a request somewhere for a teen version, I'm not quite up to converting anything.

Anyway, it might all be for nothing, for all I know, I broke something. I've only just finished the SimPE work, testing is going to wait until my eyes stop trying to fall out.

*Right now I have a sexyfeet LBB and teen LBB skin with blockfoot AG for the adult females and maxis for everyone else. I'm very twitchy about this, but I don't want to reinvent the wheel here either.

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CM/CF Castaway clothes with sexyfeet

Right, first off, WARNING: some of the textures seem to be inherently broken or weird or something, this is not something I did and I have no idea how to fix it or why it's happening, the non-sexyfeet versions do this too. If anyone can fix this, they will have my undying gratitude. EDIT: Hat fixed it! Check the comments for the necessary file.

Anyway, same as last time, one texture each, exactly the same as the ones I grabbed from Hat's wishlist, found under BV. All I did was edit the feet and, frequently, the UV map. Please let me know if I screwed something up, I'm basically slapping these together quickly and therefore may have missed something I can fix.


This entry was originally posted at http://silvainshadows.dreamwidth.org/11967.html.

two pictures and a download link behind the cutCollapse )

EDIT:...oops. Forgot the link! Fixed now. This entry was originally posted at http://silvainshadows.dreamwidth.org/11689.html.

PU castaway clothes with sexyfeet

This is the first of many (likely just as half-assed) posts of Castaway Stories mesh edits. One texture each, found under Bon Voyage (in other words, exactly the same textures I got from Hat's wishlist). Toes might look a bit odd, as it was either remap the toes or remap everything else, so the toes may look like they would on non-sexyfeet-y skins even if the skins you use have toe textures. Better than leaf textures, though, or whatever that skirt thing in the middle is made of.*


*(Speaking of, UV maps on CS stuff? Absurd. Also on the list of CS absurdities, there are a lot of alpha layers to these things. Preg morphs are going to be fun. Good news is, I'm not even touching kids stuff until tomorrow, probably I'll start fighting with preg morphs tomorrow afternoon at the earliest.)
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Random sims babble

Fact- mesh edits are awesome. Not just as in 'somebody should do/has done this cool thing with this cool mesh', but as in 'I am having fun, and I am making things people might want, and it makes sense to my slightly odd brain that can't figure out flat texturing without months of practice (and still can't work out how to do anything other than copypasta or changing colors) and and and asdfghjkl MESHING'.

In case you cant tell, mesh editing makes me happy. If I weren't so lazy, I would do more of it. But, uh, there's some Castaway Stories edits coming soon, and if I can get over my stupid, stupid perfectionist issues, some random pregmorphs, especially for AM, because mpreg gives me warm fuzzy feelings (if you ask why, you will likely get a long ramble about gender that you probably didn't want to know, so, uh, I wouldn't recommend it, but if you do want to know, go for it, I'll tell you).

Next big 'learn to do this' regarding meshing- bodyshape conversions. Because I need more meshes for Aquilegia's androgyny set. (Right now I'm using a lot of old gothplague stuff or Pooklet's edits of gothplague's stuff, or stuff based on pooklet's edits... yeah. Need more variety.)

Also, mapping is... not as fun, but not as hard for me as I expected. I am probably going to spend stupid amounts of time making things not result in weirdly colored toes.
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Oh, wow, I haven't posted here since last year. I'm still simming! Just... quietly. I've been playing a prosperity-style neighborhood that I'm sort of absurdly in love with, it's the longest I've ever played a neighborhood- I'm about to hit the second fall rotation, I have sims in college who were toddlers when I started and I think about ten or twelve households... it's great, I should picspam about it sometime. I'm also about to start a new legacy, and that one's getting a story (probably commentary style, but whatever, I just want to share my sims' lives with everyone). It's set in a sort of steampunk-western-Victorian fantasy world, loosely inspired by a book I read recently and particularly one of the lead characters thereof (Sam Starbuck's The Dead Isle, google it if you don't know it, it is amazing and Jack Baker is lovely), and I have a vague story for my founder but mostly this is going to be a commentary style legacy because I am bad at story legacies.

Anyway, here is my founder (still a work in progress, I need to download better goggles and find a better hairstyle or at least retexture the bandanna around his head because it doesn't suit him at ALL).two bodyshop pictures behind the cutCollapse )

ETA: another picture with new gogglesCollapse )

*dance of joy*

I don't know if I've mentioned this here, yet, given how lazy I am about blogging, but a few months back- before Christmas, at least, though I can't recall when- my CD/DVD drive on my laptop began refusing to read certain disks, including three or four of my sims 2 disks. I first noticed it with the newest ones, including the disk I played from. So I tried a no-CD crack, which worked for about two or three play sessions before it suddenly refused to work. So then, I figured I'd uninstall the EPs that weren't behaving with my disk drive- everything from Free Time onward- and play from my digital download of Bon Voyage. Didn't work, so I decided maybe a reinstall up through BV was in order. This is how I discovered that it also won't read my Sims 2 Deluxe disk- after I'd uninstalled. I figured, whatever, I have Sims 3, I'll spend my simming time with my pudding people. Got bored with that a couple weeks ago, started playing Castaway Stories again. Loved it, but it just made me miss TS2 more.

So I've come up with a solution- finally- which also nets me the one stuff pack I don't have (though several won't be installed, this time around). I've bought Double Deluxe and it's downloading now. First things first, I'm starting a new medieval neighborhood to do a legacy challenge (well, technically, first things first, I'm installing every EP that will install, but once that's done...). I can't wait, I've missed my medieval sims so much, seriously.

Picspam coming in a day or two. Possibly a legacy story coming soon after that.

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So, I updated my simself. And then I updated her again, because her cheekbones were wrong. And then again, because her jaw was wrong. And then again because everything was just slightly off for some reason. (And then a few more times, for good measure.)

And here is the result. No pictures yet because I'm lazy, sorry. Maybe once I get back from Conneticut (a friend's wedding is this weekend, I'll be home Monday evening- we're going by train and it will be awesome because DUDE. TRAIN. I love trains[/pointless tangent]).

Download at box.net

No CC, requires Uni and NL (hair and clothes respectively). Might have a CC version when I bother to take pictures of her. Maybe.

Stats- Knowledge or Pleasure, with the other as her secondary if you have FT. 4/5/6/8/2 personality. Turnons are whatever the heck you want, and gender preference is bisexual. Do whatever with her, and please do let me know if you do- I love seeing her in other people's games.

ETA- comments closed because this entry keeps getting hit by spammers.
Because the world needs MOAR meshes with sexyfeet. And these are awesome, useful meshes. And because I am picky about barefoot meshes and must have sexyfeet on everything.bodyshop pic of the edited meshes

In the RAR* are the meshes for these sets- Biblets for Niblets, Babes in Dreamland, Basic Boxers for Kids, Babydoll Pajamas for Girls, and the onesie from the Teddies for Toddlers Collection. Just let these overwrite the originals.

All five meshes found here at box.net

*(yes, all in one RAR, because I'm lazy like that, and it's just five meshes so it's not too hard to find the right one, right?) This entry was originally posted at http://silvainshadows.dreamwidth.org/2167.html. Please comment there using OpenID.


So I got halfway through writing up the fall rotation for the royal family in my medieval neighborhood, and then decided I wanted to do something else- namely fiddle around with meshing, since I just got milkshape earlier today. And I cannot find a single tutorial for adding preg morphs to things, which is annoying because that's precisely what I want to do.

Bah. Screw it, I'll find something easier to make. Maybe I can add sexyfeet to stuff. That has to be easier, right?

ETA- HA I FOUND ONE. GOS has made my day yet again. I <3 that place.

ETA2- OMG YES I DID IT. Testing nao.

Visual proof, because OMGYAY-

That, of course, is a preg morph. I have added a preg morph to a mesh. I am very happy.
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Um. So I had a long explanation about wanting to share pics of my medieval sims, and how [personal profile] hat_plays_sims is awesome and has made my game much better and less anachronistic, but then I completely lost the post to my own stupidity, so here we go again- a nice post about my darling wizard, Henry, and his lovely little medieval life.

As a note, I always play on a seasonal rotation, prosperity-challenge style. So this is the first season in the first house I played after setting up the neighborhood. And there are very few pictures, because I hadn't meant to share at that point, and they may be slightly out of order for sake of a proper introduction.

Lots of pictures.Collapse )
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The Ipod Shuffle Build-Your-Own Challenge


Set your ipod/music library/etc. on random, and list the first ten songs. Then, create a rule for each generation based on that song. It doesn't have to be "what the song is about", just somehow loosely tied to the song or lyrics.

Version 1Collapse )

And, because I like making up rules based on music, another version-

Version 2Collapse )

Heh... wow. Lots of death and breakups in these rules. Might be a fun way to play.



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